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New and Used Lab Equipment.

We have supplied new and used laboratory equipment to satisfied customers throughout the world. The majority of customers are located in the United Kingdom but equipment has been supplied to customers in Austria, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Malaysia, Turkey, USA, Canada, South Africa and Korea.

All items for sale on Labdeals are fully tested and come with a warranty.

Category summary -

Colour and Appearance - Spectrophotometers (portable and benchtop), Lightboxes, Colour standards, Munsell FM 100 Hue Test Kit, Gloss Meters and D.O.I.

Weighing - Production and laboratory scales.

Mixing and Stirring. Mixers, stirrers and shakers.

Physical Testing equipment - Equipment to measure, viscosity, film thickness, hardness, density, pH, flash point, adhesion, melting point, rub fastness. Etc.

Heating and cooling - Ovens, incubators and hotplate stirrers

Other equipment - Equipment that may be missing a minor part or doesn't fit into the main categories.

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We will also sell your surplus equipment. If you have any equipment you would like to sell on please email a photograph and details (please indicate equipment condition and the price you require) of the equipment to the contact email address shown below and it will be listed on the website.

If sold via labdeals you will be invoiced for the agreed commission. If there is no sale there is no fee.

Contact - Iain Copeland

email -

Mobile - +44 (0)7904 531192